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Application for Sick Leave: Format & Samples5 min read

January 19, 2020 4 min read
sick leave application letter


Application for Sick Leave: Format & Samples5 min read

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Each one of us has faced those days when we feel under the weath­er and can­not go forth with our reg­u­lar day. Work­ing on such days seems impos­si­ble which is why com­pa­nies pro­vide sick leaves to their employees.

Sick leave is the time tak­en off from work by employ­ees to take care of their health with­out los­ing pay. In many nations, it is manda­to­ry for com­pa­nies to pro­vide sick leaves. To request a leave, an employ­ee is expect­ed to sub­mit an Appli­ca­tion for Sick Leave.

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Format Of An Application for Sick Leave:

As far as sick days go, it is not sub­ject­ed to only employ­ees. Be it an employ­ee or a stu­dent, sick leaves are a neces­si­ty for every­one. Of course, the con­tent of the sick leave appli­ca­tion let­ter will dif­fer but the com­po­nents remain the same.

The trick behind writ­ing an appli­ca­tion is to con­vey the mes­sage in a pre­cise way. This means explain­ing the sit­u­a­tion in a com­pre­hen­sive man­ner. But at the same time, avoid pro­vid­ing irrel­e­vant details to the recip­i­ent because it could devi­ate them from what is actu­al­ly necessary.

Let’s take a look at all the com­po­nents of an appli­ca­tion for sick leave:


The very first com­po­nent in the for­mat of a sick leave appli­ca­tion is the recip­i­ent. In case of a sick leave appli­ca­tion let­ter for office, the recip­i­ent will be your report­ing man­ag­er. In the case of col­lege and school, it will be sub­mit­ted to the Dean and Prin­ci­pal respectively.


The very first thing which the recip­i­ent will see is the sub­ject of your E‑mail. So the sub­ject line should always be pre­cise and clear. This is to ensure that the recip­i­ent knows the rea­son behind your mail before going through the con­tents. An inac­cu­rate sub­ject might result in your e‑mail not being opened at the right time, lead­ing to unwant­ed delays and confusion.


Always com­mence your e‑mail with a greet­ing. It is not only polite to do so, but will make your appli­ca­tion look more struc­tured and put togeth­er. It is also nec­es­sary to start with a greet­ing because it is always direct­ed towards the recip­i­ent. Start your email with a “Dear Mr./Ms.” or a “Dear sir/madam”


Describe the rea­son behind writ­ing the mail. It is impor­tant to define the con­text of your e‑mail in the ini­tial few sen­tences to keep the read­er involved. In case of sick leave, describe what you are diag­nosed with and what is wrong with your health.

Specify Number Of Days

When you write a sick leave, it is impor­tant to spec­i­fy for how long you require a leave. You can either put down spe­cif­ic dates, like from the 6th of Octo­ber till the 11th of Octo­ber. In addi­tion, you can pro­vide a time brack­et spec­i­fy­ing the time you will be away like a week or a col­lec­tion of days.


Make sure to give assur­ance to your man­ag­er that you will not let your absence affect your work. Describe how you will man­age every­thing if there is an emer­gency or how you have request­ed a co-work­er to han­dle work in your absence. Sim­i­lar­ly, in the case of school or col­lege men­tion how you will cope up with the syl­labus as soon as you are back.

Closing Statement

Always include a clos­ing state­ment in your e‑mail. Men­tion your request, ‘Kind­ly approve my leaves from [start date] to [end date]’. Thank the recip­i­ent for their coop­er­a­tion and close with state­ments like, ‘yours sin­cere­ly’, ‘warm regards’, etc.

Include Attachments

In case required, include attach­ments with your sick leave appli­ca­tion let­ter. It could be a doc­tor’s pre­scrip­tion, note or a med­ical cer­tifi­cate. Also, remem­ber to men­tion in your text that you are attach­ing a doc­u­ment with your e‑mail.

Avoid attach­ing doc­u­ments with­out men­tion­ing them in the e‑mail. But at the same time, do not for­get to attach a doc­u­ment when you have men­tioned it in the body of your e‑mail. As a cour­tesy, keep the attach­ments to a min­i­mum number.

Proofread your Application for Sick Leave

Before hit­ting send, ensure that you go through the con­tents of your e‑mail. Check it for any spelling errors or typ­ing mis­takes. Also, check if the infor­ma­tion men­tioned in the e‑mail is accu­rate, espe­cial­ly the dates of your leaves. You do not want to write down the wrong dates and then have an embar­rass­ing con­ver­sa­tion with your boss about ignor­ing the mail.

Now that we have tak­en a look at the com­po­nents of a sick leave appli­ca­tion let­ter, let’s take a look at a few sam­ples to under­stand leave appli­ca­tion format.

Sample of Application for Sick Leave

Sub­ject: Apply­ing for sick leave

Dear [Recepein­t’s name] ,

This is to inform you that I am suf­fer­ing from fever since last night. As a result, I will not be able to come to work for [num­ber of days]. Kind­ly grant me leave from work for the same. My doc­tor has advised me to rest prop­er­ly before resum­ing work. 

I do not have any­thing pend­ing at work and there­fore, do not expect any emer­gen­cies. Regard­less, I have request­ed [col­legue’s name] to step for­ward and han­dle the work­load in case there is any require­ment. I will be avail­able on my email if you wish to con­tact me. 

Thank you for your understanding.


[Employ­ee’s name]

Sample of Sick Leave Application Letter for School/College

The Prin­ci­pal,

[XYZ School]

[City, Coun­try]

Sub­ject: Appli­ca­tion for leave

Respect­ed sir, [or last name of the class teacher]

I am [Stu­dent name] stu­dent of [class/course]. This is to bring to your kind notice that I came down with a high fever yes­ter­day and was diag­nosed with Malar­ia. The doc­tor has advised me to take com­plete bed rest for a week or two. 

As a result, I will not be able to attend school until I get back to my nor­mal health. I request you to grant me [num­ber of days] leave.

I assure you once I have recov­ered com­plete­ly, I will take help from my teach­ers and class­mates to cov­er the syl­labus and per­form well in the final exam­i­na­tion. There­fore, I request you to accept my appli­ca­tion and grant me leaves.

Thank you.

Yours Sin­cere­ly,

[Stu­den­t’s name]

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